Building an “OM” Acoustic

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Units & Lessons

Getting Started


Materials and Parts



The Plates

Jointing the Plates

Joining the Plates

Thicknessing the Plates

Making the Rosette

Installing the Rosette

Roughing Out the Braces

Soundboard Bracing

Back Bracing

Brace Carving

The Sides

Bending the Sides

Attaching the Neckblock and Endblock

Radiusing and Kerfing the Sides

Side Bracing

The End Wedge

The Neck – Part 1

Cutting the Scarf Joint

Gluing the Scarf Joint and the Heelblock

Routing the Truss Rod Channel

Attaching the Headplate

Routing the Headstock Shape

Drilling and Fitting Tuner Holes

The Heelcap

The Fretboard and The Bridge

Fret Slotting

Tapering the Fretboard and Shaping the End

Inlaying Position Markers

Roughing out the Bridge

The Soundbox

Fitting the Back Plate

Gluing the Back Plate

Fitting and Gluing the Soundboard

Trimming Overhang

Cutting Binding and Purfling Channels

Installing Binding and Purfling

The Neck – Part 2

The Mortise and Tenon

Installing the Truss Rod and Clearing for the Truss Rod Extension

Installing Threaded Inserts into the Tenon

Attaching the Fretboard

Hand Carving the Neck

Neck Fitting

Final Assembly

Attaching the Neck

Locating and Gluing The Bridge

Levelling and Radiusing the Fretboard

Installing Frets Over the Body

Bevelling and Dressing Fret Ends

Levelling the Bridge

Fitting the Nut

Cutting the Saddle Slot

Refining the Bridge Shape

Fitting and Shaping the Saddle

Bridge Pin Fitting

Nut Slotting

Final Setup

Tuning to Pitch

Neck Relief

Adjusting the Action at the Nut and Saddle


Sample Video Lesson:

Includes Bonus Course!

Tru-Oil Finishing: A Method for Acoustic Guitar

Wood Prep

Pore Filling

Applying Coats



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