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Q&A – Natural Harmonics, Reverse Kerfing, and Bevelling Side Braces – Podcast Ep. 6

This is a Q&A episode where I answer questions from the Member’s Forum in the Online Guitar Building School at

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Analyzing the Guitar String – Podcast Ep. 5

I discuss all things strings: string gauges, scale lengths, hex core vs. round core, phosphor bronze, 80/20 bronze etc… String Tension Guide: Compensation Calculator: To find the “DIY Guitar Making” podcasts AND videos all in one place For information

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Carving the Zebrawood Neck of Guitar #57

Finally some neck carving on this most unusual of guitars! I’m using zebrawood for the neck and the fretboard.

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Some Early Thoughts on Zebrawood as a Guitar Neck for Guitar #57

It’s cantankerous and it smells bad! There, that’s it.

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Interview with Jim Harris – Podcast Ep. 4

In this episode I have a conversation with Jim Harris of the popular woodworking youtube channel LastingBuild. Jim is a woodworker and he is getting started on his first acoustic guitar build. Check out LastingBuild at his youtube channel:

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Introduction and the Role of the Soundbox – Podcast Ep. 1

If you are used to seeing lutherie videos here, then this will be something new for you. I will still be making the videos but now I will also be posting podcast episodes as well! Episode ONE! Dun, dun dun…I

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Fretting – Podcast Ep. 2

In this episode I cover some fret installation basics including fretboard materials, fretwire selection, hammering frets versus pressing frets, securing fret ends, dealing with chipout, and gluing in frets.

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Sourcing Wood for Guitar Builds – Podcast Ep. 3

I discuss options for sourcing acoustic guitar tonewoods from online luthier suppliers, from local hardwood suppliers, and even from the forest floor itself! (but dont’ do that…)

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Les Paul Refret with Evo Gold

In this episode I refret a Gibson Les Paul with evo gold fretwire. The main focus of the video is on removing the frets, levelling and radiusing the fretboard, installing the new frets, bevelling and dressing the fret ends. I

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Student Ayden plays Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song” after completing his first Acoustic Guitar Build

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