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Reflections – On the Origins of the Flamenco Guitar

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Prepping Lumber for Guitar Neck Blanks

I fashion a bundle of guitar neck blanks from billets of Honduran Mahogany using the jointer, table saw and planar to make them perfectly flat, square and consistent.

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Q&A – Side Slat Layout, Spanish Cedar Necks, and Bending Mahogany

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Q&A – X-bracing, Taptuning, and Lattice Bracing

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Q&A – Buffing Tru Oil, the 14th fret hump, and the best woods for side bending

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Restoring an Old Craftsman Jointer

A friend gifts me a rusty old jointer! I remove the rust, level the the infeed and outfeed tables, level the fence, set the infeed table coplanar to the outfeed table, and clean the cutterhead.

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#118 Q&A – Backstrip Woods, Headplate Thickness, and Butt Joints

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Mario’s Guitar Speaks for the First Time

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Reflections – On Steel String vs. Classical Guitar Culture

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Cost of Getting Started in Lutherie

I break down some estimated costs for tools, jigs, parts and materials to get started in acoustic guitar making. I also talk about the cost of education in lutherie.

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