Is this a “Kit” build or a “From Scratch” build?

This is a “From Scratch” build. This means that ALL aspects of the guitar building process are taught: Carving the Neck, Thicknessing and Joining the Plates, Bending the Sides,  Rosette Making, Making the Bridge, Brace Carving, Installing Binding/purfling and much more.

For a complete list of the skills taught, preview the course content here.

Students interested in using prefabricated or “kit” parts to lessen the learning curve can still do so.

Is there a start and finish date to the course?

Nope. The course begins when you want and ends when you strum that first chord. The videos and content are always available so students can go at whatever pace suits them.

How long will it take me to complete my guitar?

Well that depends on how you prioritize your time, how much experience (if any) that you have, and what tools you have or do not have access to. The course allows you to go at your own pace. A motivated student with some basic experience and decent access to tools can build and finish their guitar in under 3 weeks. Most people, however, can only commit a day or two a week, and these “Weekend Warriors” should expect 3 months or more.

Is any prior woodworking or guitar making experience necessary?

No. The lessons are incredibly detailed and designed with both the first-time builder and the seasoned veteran in mind. The concepts are expressed in a way that the first-time builder can easily digest, yet at the same time, there are many valuable knowledge nuggets for the seasoned veteran.

What does “OM” mean?

“OM” stands for “Orchestra Model.” This guitar is smaller than a dreadnought but larger than a parlor guitar. It is a mid-sized instrument, great for recording situations and perfect for a wide range of musical styles: folk music, instrumental fingerstyle, bluegrass…


What type of finish is applied?

A Tru-Oil Finish.

What does the course include?

The course includes over 20 hours of high quality video instruction spread over 60 videos. Written instructions supplement the lessons. The course also includes access to the Members Forum to have your questions answered by Eric and other people involved in the same project. Furthermore, the course saves you money because it includes discounts to several online suppliers of luthier tools and suppliers. The discounts alone can easily pay for the course!

What tools are needed to get started?

Check out the “Tools” video. Its free! This lesson gives you an idea of some of the tools that you may need access to.

How do I pay for the course?

Everyone uses Paypal but if you prefer another method of payment, please contact me.

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Why don’t I just buy a book?

The course has as much, if not more, written material than a book. However, there are aspects of the art that simply cannot be taught through a book. Furthermore, an MIT study on the retention rates of knowledge demonstrated that the average person retains 10% of what they learn through written content (books), 20% of what they learn through audio content (podcasts), and 50% of what they learn through video content.  So, if you value your time, video is the most efficient way to learn these skills aside from taking a Hands-on Workshop.

Can I log in on other devices?

Yes. There is a “Login” form at the bottom of every page on the site.