Student Photo Gallery

March 2020 – William from Pennsylvania and Mario from Connecticut

September 2019 – Andre from New Jersey

August 2019 – Bernhord from west Texas and Neil from Pennsylvania

July 2019 – Cal from Maryland and Doug from California

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June 2019 – Troy from Pennsylvania

May 2019 – Steven from Ohio and Robert from New Jersey

April 2019 – Darrell from Wisconsin and Jim from Georgia


March 2019 – Kimler from Tucson, Arizona

October 2018 – Jared from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

September 2018 – John from Atlanta, Georgia and Nelson from Boston, Massachusetts

August 2018 – Steen from Denmark and Larry from North Carolina

June 2018 – Allison from Maryland and Bruce from Oklahoma

May 2018 – Rob from Oklahoma and Jason from Pennsylvania

April 2018 – Jon and Jonathan from New York City

March 2018 – Robert from Altoona, Pennsylvania and Andrew from Staten Island


October 2017 – Bruce from Jamestown, New York and Alex from Singapore

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September 2017 – Carlo from Chicago, Illinois USA

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July 2017 – Chris from upstate New York, USA
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May 2017 –  Shane from the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington state USA

April 2017 – Ken from New Jersey USA

October 2016 – Todd from Maryland, USA
June 2016 – Lisa from the Hawaii, USA
April 2016 – Al from Staten Island, New York and Patrick from New Jersey
April Class Photo

March 2016 – Michael from Asheville, North Carolina and Jeff from New York
March Class Photo

October 2015 – Sam from Hamburg, Pennsylvania
October Class Photo

August 2015 – Jake Hoffman IMG_20150904_144554[1]

July 2015 – David Shelly


June 2015 – Ariel Borohov and Aaron Cromie

May 2015 – Jim Boettger and Chris Pulli


April 2015 – Phil Dean


August 2014 – Joseph and Stephen Fritsch

May 2014 – David Ruben


August 2013 – Robert McSulla and Robert G. McSulla