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#37 Making the Most out of the Robert O’Brien Mortise and Tenon Jig

Episode #37 is an excerpt from The Online Guitar Building School. This video is about a jig that I absolutely love! The Robert O’brien Mortise and Tenon Jig (AKA Neck Angle Jig). There are alot of things about using this jig,

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#30 Creating a Headstock Template

In this excerpt from the Online Course, I demonstrate a practical method for creating a headstock template, whether copying your peghead design from plans or designing your own. Creating a simple Martin style paddle shape certainly simplifies things. However, I

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#29 Chisel Sharpening

  I discuss hand sharpening and honing chisels with sandpaper and a granite block, and sharpening using a powered system with dry abrasives: the worksharp 3000. This is an excerpt from The Online Guitar Building School course “Building an OM

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#24 Using Magnets to Repair Side Splits

This Martin 000-15 came into my shop with a long split in the sides on the treble side. The owner told me that the guitar was never dropped or bumped into anything. It never experienced any kind of trauma to cause

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#23 Making Guitar Mold Spreaders

For this episode I am using an excerpt of The Online Guitar Building School’s Building an OM Acoustic series. This video walks you through the construction of upper, waist, and lower bout spreaders to fit your guitar mold. Was this useful?

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Tools – Eric Schaefer Guitars – Online Guitar Building School

Eric Schaefer Guitars’ Online Guitar Building School   This is a free video from the “Building an OM Acoustic” Course. Click here for more free video tutorials. In this lesson we will discuss various tools around my shop. This is

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Clamps: How many is too many?

  Spoiler alert. The correct answer is… You can never have too many! This is no longer a statement of opinion, but rather a statement of fact, as evidenced by this trucker hat:   It is safe to say that

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