Tru-Oil Finishing: A Method for Acoustic Guitar

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Tru-Oil Finishing: A Method for Acoustic Guitar

In this course, you will learn wood prep, pore filling, coat application and buffing techniques with Tru-Oil to create a glossy and durable finish on an acoustic guitar.

Here are just a few of the things that you will learn:

  • sanding techniques to prepare the raw wood for finish
  • work-space preparation tips to make the best use of your workshop space and lighting
  • techniques to protect the parts of your instrument that won't be finished
  • how and why to apply pore filler
  • tips for cleaning and de-greasing the instrument
  • a practical method for applying Tru-Oil without having to sand back runs and finish accumulation in the corners
  • how to buff out the finish to a high gloss

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