#117 Getting Started as a Guitar Maker

How to get started in Lutherie! I discuss things like having basic tool skills, learning to sharpen, whether or not you should build from a kit or from scratch, and whether or not you should specialize in acoustic guitars or go broad and build electrics, ukuleles etc…

Recommended books for new builders:

William Cumpiano’s “Guitarmaking: an Art and Tradition”

Alex Willis’ “Step-by-step Guitar Making”

David Russell Young’s “The Steel String Guitar: Construction and Repair”

Jim Williams’ “A Guitar Maker’s Manual”

Also recommended is a subscription to “American Lutherie” magazine: https://luth.org/journal/

and/or a subscription to “Guitarmaker” magazine: https://www.asiartisans.org/content/magazine.html

More advanced books for further refinement later on in your Lutherie journey:

Ervin Somogyi’s “The Responsive Guitar”

Ervin Somogyi’s “Making the Responsive Guitar”

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🔴Check out the online course: Tru Oil Finishing: A Method for Acoustic Guitar: https://www.ericschaeferguitars.com/course/tru-oil-finishing-method-acoustic-guitar/

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